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Legion V.2 avatar

Downloads: 22, views: 1339.

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Posted by AmeloGarrid
The character Legion from the Mass Effect series.
1.24 kb.

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Posted by J-Sloth
Legion, from Mass Effect 2.
0.91 kb.

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Posted by Starkewe
Legion from Mass effect 2
0.37 kb.

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Mass Effect - TaliMass Effect - Tali
Posted by Shosray
Tali from Mass Effect 1 & 2. My first skin to be uploaded here, but not my first made.
2.54 kb.

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Last Legion soldier skinLast Legion soldier skin
Posted by sirmeatwad
For Last legion clan soldiers members
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For Last Legion membersFor Last Legion members
Posted by SirMeatwad
Last Legion Clan Head Skin
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