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Ninja Man with sword skin

Downloads: 8, views: 1562.
Ninja Man with sword minecraft skin
Posted byjussy22
Descriptionninja's are cool so are swords
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Posted by Austindude23
Just a cool little ninja with double knives and a sword and a pack containing some shurikens.
0.6 kb.

Downloads: 31, views: 1733
Posted by jrallan
A ninja equipped with ninja stars, daggers and swords.
0.22 kb.

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Posted by IHaveNoAnimation
A really cool Ninja skin. With a Diamond Sword!!!
1.41 kb.

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diamond sword ninjadiamond sword ninja
Posted by barnsey1000
cool ninja
0.34 kb.

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Ninja With Sword *Fix*Ninja With Sword *Fix*
Posted by Yaxoox or Snitchable
same guy, But with certain changes: Proper eyes, Added sword and ninja stars and fixed colors.
0.36 kb.

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Ninja with sword on backNinja with sword on back
Posted by Xefox
He has 3 swords two on his arms and one on his back
0.63 kb.

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