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Smoker - One Piece skin

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Downloads: 113, views: 1271.
Smoker - One Piece minecraft skin
Posted byCoonboy
DescriptionOne Piece: Smoker - edited and mixed parts between \
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Posted by minercraft103
the smoker before the infecshon
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4th skin, 2nd L4D character, first person to skin a smoker!!! check out my hunter
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Back of head unfinished sorry so i fixed it. First one to make a smoker!!!! 4th skin!
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I recently uploaded a skin of a uncompleted smoker made by CI recently uploaded a skin of a uncompleted smoker made by C
Posted by fridu
I am Fridu and i stole the smoker skin from Coolstuff206 :]
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The smoker from Left for Dead 2
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