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U.S.S.T.U. (U.S.S Terminator Unit) V.2 skin

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U.S.S.T.U. (U.S.S Terminator Unit) V.2 minecraft skin
Posted byAqDefender
Descriptioni forgot to finish the backhead, lol, but now it's done, yay!
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U.S.S.T.U. (U.S.S Terminator Unit)U.S.S.T.U. (U.S.S Terminator Unit)
Posted by AqDefender
It's a special U.S.S unit(or a fantasy unit actually) that has a mission to terminate all war-starters to bring peace to the world...... this is my first skin, though...... XD thumbs up for minecraft!
1.17 kb.

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Terminator V2Terminator V2
Posted by edvan32
i forgot the coat on the sides ^^
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LOL i forgotLOL i forgot
Posted by MajorMusty
I forgot what skin this is
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Posted by rodrigova
LOL Im finish mans xd
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Posted by Axidos
Unit 03 as it appeared in the Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0.
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EVa Unit 02EVa Unit 02
Posted by MasterOdot
Evangelion unit 2, as seen in the original series
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