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Miner skin

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Downloads: 19, views: 1115.
Miner minecraft skin
Posted byRuig
DescriptionMinecraft is all about mining, so why not make a miner skin?!
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Posted by Dexteriii
A miner skin with a mining helmet and torn and dirty clothes.
0.52 kb.

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Minecraft Miner Minecraft Miner
Posted by barrong
A mining skin for MINEcraft....
2.6 kb.

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Dwarf MinerDwarf Miner
Posted by Morrisyman
Dwarven Miner with Chain Mail Shirt and Mining Helmet
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Posted by ChiselTip
Suprised I didn't see any miner skins for a mining game lol
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Posted by 35cool35
Its a miner with a purple shirt, jeans, a mining helmet, and
0.54 kb.

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Murdered MinerMurdered Miner
Posted by lenski777
The miner was mining until the monsters snuck up
1.11 kb.

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