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Ninja skin

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Downloads: 138, views: 3543.
Ninja minecraft skin
Posted bymn1211
DescriptionI changed my flaming ninja into a normal ninja, feel free to edit
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RASF NinjaRASF Ninja
Posted by DavisWhitenton
A Ninja I created for my cln but... feel free to use :)
1.39 kb.

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Zeb's Ninja SkinZeb's Ninja Skin
Posted by zebramf
This is my personal ninja skin that I use. Feel free to use
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Blue Flaming NinjaBlue Flaming Ninja
Posted by mn1211
I changed the color, and the style
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Flaming NinjaFlaming Ninja
Posted by mn1211
I Changed the Steve Skin. LOL
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flaming ninjaflaming ninja
Posted by michael
ninja on fire with weapons
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Crimson Blade NinjaCrimson Blade Ninja
Posted by SuperBlizzard
A attempt at making a clan uniform of my nation. Feel free to download!
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