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Ethan Pokemon Trainer (Final) skin

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Downloads: 31, views: 1441.
Ethan Pokemon Trainer (Final) minecraft skin
Posted byarma_moon
DescriptionEthan from Soulsilver and Heartgold pokemon games
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Ethan Pokemon TrainerEthan Pokemon Trainer
Posted by arma_moon
Ethan from Soulsilver and Heartgold pokemon games
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From Pokemon Gold\/Silver\/Crystal\/HeartGold\/SoulSilver
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Player character from the GSC Pokemon games, also known as Ethan. (Final version)
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pokemon thanpokemon than
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this is the pokemon gold trainer jimmy or ethan
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pokemon trainer
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Pokemon HG\/SS - Ethan (Male PC)Pokemon HG\/SS - Ethan (Male PC)
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Ethan, the main Player Character if you choose 'I'm a Boy
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