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Deep Miner 2 skin

Downloads: 5, views: 759.
Deep Miner 2  minecraft skin
Posted byRav
DescriptionMy second Deep Miner skin
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Deep Miner Deep Miner
Posted by Rav
My first Deep Miner skin. Some parts borrowed form Helghast
3.72 kb.

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Posted by the axraver
A miner who dug to deep....
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A deep-underground miner
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Bloody MinerBloody Miner
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What I imagine I would likely look like after a long stint deep in the mines.
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Robo MinerRobo Miner
Posted by powermarioman
You will find me mining in deep, dark caves!
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Woodland creepWoodland creep
Posted by aSlug245
A Deep, deep dark forest terrain required
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