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version 2.0 skin

Downloads: 1, views: 358.
version 2.0 minecraft skin
Posted byjacob ty matilda
Descriptionblack arm warrior
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Gold warriorGold warrior
Posted by minecrafter1125
A young warrior complete with diamond and gold arm
1.17 kb.

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The green warriorThe green warrior
Posted by cirme
fix arm's
1.57 kb.

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mad maxmad max
Posted by Crab
road warrior, can't do individual arm for his jacket :(
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dark arm warriordark arm warrior
Posted by jacob ty matilda
i re-painted someones skin i found and made this
2.66 kb.

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Gaulish WarriorGaulish Warrior
Posted by Ewan Taylor
A Gaulish\/Gallic barbarian, with tartan pants and golden arm
0.53 kb.

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The previous version was wrong he mist his back from his armThe previous version was wrong he mist his back from his arm
Posted by stickeric123
Person with addidas jacket goto: http:\/\/proximatic.net
0.88 kb.

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