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Dwarf engineer skin

Downloads: 12, views: 681.
Dwarf engineer minecraft skin
Posted bypens_and_pencils
DescriptionLoves redstone, hates creepers
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Posted by DannarsWatch
He loves Minecraft and hates Creepers xD
1.37 kb.

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Posted by 212b
Of course there are Engineers in real life well a redstone engineer is for minecraft
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Posted by Zeldude3579
An engineer whose work involves redstone wiring.
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Guy with creeper shirtGuy with creeper shirt
Posted by protector of Minecra
He hates creepers but loves the creeper shirt
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Redstone EngineerRedstone Engineer
Posted by Powersocke
Dude, this Redstone gets hot. Let me fix it!
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Redstone engineerRedstone engineer
Posted by ikedog
a cool redstone guy
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