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Plague Doctor skin

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Plague Doctor minecraft skin
Posted byPlasticArmy
DescriptionMedical specialist of the Middle Ages
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Plague DoctorPlague Doctor
Posted by Cuckoo
Medieval plague doctor. The gown was airtight, and the beak mask contained nice-smelling herbs to ward off disease. Obviously, it didn't work.
1.33 kb.

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Dr Mid-NiteDr Mid-Nite
Posted by dc comics costumes
A Medical doctor who lost his sight, Dr. Mid-Nite can see spectrums of light at night. He works with the JSA to train the heroes of tomorrow, as well as to use his medical knowledge for unusual cases.
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The DoctorThe Doctor
Posted by Hejkaj3
A doctor i a plague control suit
2.12 kb.

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Posted by kyogre1000
a royal from middle ages
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Posted by Drblah70
Medical doctor of medicine
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Posted by Victorix
A medieval citizen from middle ages
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