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White NinjaWhite Ninja
Posted by 23TeeT23
ein weier ninja mit einem roten kopf dingens kirchens ^^
1.28 kb.

Downloads: 10, views: 1173
a ninja back from battlea ninja back from battle
Posted by magmagod15
blood stained red ninja
0.91 kb.

Downloads: 18, views: 1498
Cool NinjaCool Ninja
Posted by ReCoiLx34
Blue-Diamond Ninja (Lets download)
2.03 kb.

Downloads: 23, views: 1552
Posted by ghostmenboo12345678
a white ninja training for honour and peace
0.36 kb.

Downloads: 1, views: 1421
Pink NinjaPink Ninja
Posted by superstreetfighter
My 8th Ninja! (If you want more colours just download this skin)
0.2 kb.

Downloads: 13, views: 1340
Sky NinjaSky Ninja
Posted by freddieboy98
He's the Zombie Ninja edited into a human and blued
0.5 kb.

Downloads: 9, views: 1673
gray ninja skingray ninja skin
Posted by jerry7
ill be happy if i see my ninja on minecraft :)
0.36 kb.

Downloads: 8, views: 1282
Dark NinjaDark Ninja
Posted by TomHewi283
Small ninja I made in my spare time.
0.89 kb.

Downloads: 27, views: 2304
Bumblebee Ninja NovaBumblebee Ninja Nova
Posted by minerboy2262000
the old bumble bee but now with part ninja
0.55 kb.

Downloads: 15, views: 1500
Cuasal NinjaCuasal Ninja
Posted by Allen
A Normal Red Ninja Living His Life.. =D
0.2 kb.

Downloads: 5, views: 1292
Posted by Terenco12345
Super secret ninja, completely custom-made.
0.95 kb.

Downloads: 2, views: 1465
Green eyes\/bands NinjaGreen eyes\/bands Ninja
Posted by Googer17717
Ninja 5th version
0.24 kb.

Downloads: 24, views: 1306
Masked Ninja SkinMasked Ninja Skin
Posted by xezis
A black ninja with a grey mask.
0.21 kb.

Downloads: 11, views: 1844
Undead NinjaUndead Ninja
Posted by scruffytuba360
Reanimated ninja, back to get revenge on creepers.
3.25 kb.

Downloads: 18, views: 1649
SOB NinjaSOB Ninja
Posted by Iago Holek
1.97 kb.

Downloads: 8, views: 1406
ninja sagninja sag
Posted by 666aguxxx
es un ninja ultimo nivel (cinta negra)
0.24 kb.

Downloads: 4, views: 1101
Traditional ninjaTraditional ninja
Posted by Wes
No ninja actually dressed in all black.......thus my addition of this skin....
1.36 kb.

Downloads: 12, views: 1361
Pink and Blue NinjaPink and Blue Ninja
Posted by GrassDeluxe
Skin one for the Ninja Creeper Club.
1.05 kb.

Downloads: 2, views: 1345
Posted by sdl1231
Crate by: sdl1231 Skin:red belt ninja
0.35 kb.

Downloads: 10, views: 1390
EviL Nekad ninjaEviL Nekad ninja
Posted by jhn3232
this is the most funniest ninja ive ever made
0.31 kb.

Downloads: 4, views: 1292
Ninja first skinNinja first skin
Posted by senior bananas
super cool ninja dude HYYYYYAAAAA!!!
0.84 kb.

Downloads: 8, views: 1664
Posted by MasterErOiiK
Fan de ninja, ce skin est pour toi
0.39 kb.

Downloads: 3, views: 817
twin sided ninjatwin sided ninja
Posted by minecrafter1157
this ninja can see both ways and is a trippy color
0.4 kb.

Downloads: 1, views: 1067
shadow Ninjashadow Ninja
Posted by YOMA123
ninja turned dark from the temptation of cookies
1.89 kb.

Downloads: 12, views: 1214
Gelber NinjaGelber Ninja
Posted by FIFAMuffi
Das ist der Gelbe Ninja!
0.42 kb.

Downloads: 2, views: 1408
Evil NinjaEvil Ninja
Posted by EXTR3M1S7
a ninja with red eyes and a diamond sword
0.63 kb.

Downloads: 8, views: 1588
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