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Minecraft thief skins

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The Thief multi-player character. The Thief multi-player character.
Posted by GregSchlect69
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The Thief
3.21 kb.

Downloads: 24, views: 1216
Cultist ThiefCultist Thief
Posted by Twisty36
A cult thief that uses his skills and agility to move around minecraft
0.32 kb.

Downloads: 21, views: 1029
Garrett (Thief Series), Version 2Garrett (Thief Series), Version 2
Posted by Pa3s
improved master thief, eyes corrected, better colours
2.85 kb.

Downloads: 20, views: 1225
Shadow ThiefShadow Thief
Posted by Shado
Thief with black suit under red leather.
0.5 kb.

Downloads: 18, views: 931
Garrett (Thief Series)Garrett (Thief Series)
Posted by Pa3s
Another interpretation of the unmatched master thief, slightly based on the player model of the first game.
2.82 kb.

Downloads: 15, views: 1213
Posted by Yolo333
A thief inspired by the enemy in Castle Crashers TM
0.43 kb.

Downloads: 10, views: 545
 the master thief from thief the master thief from thief
Posted by original: erikswahn
Garrett (final fixed)
0.94 kb.

Downloads: 13, views: 846
xxSlyxx thiefxxSlyxx thief
Posted by Bryce Owen
slyfox skin with thief on the shirt
0.29 kb.

Downloads: 20, views: 790
dogbitten thiefdogbitten thief
Posted by Nyvrem
dogs+thief(a.k.a. dog security)
1.61 kb.

Downloads: 11, views: 519
Posted by Tueland
Just a Thief kind of skin with some desert goggles :P
0.44 kb.

Downloads: 11, views: 775
The Green Thief 2The Green Thief 2
Posted by rhyo1
Changed the skin for the thief, so yeah.
0.45 kb.

Downloads: 14, views: 781
An arctic themed thiefAn arctic themed thief
Posted by CaponingMonkey
Thief White, Mask
2.3 kb.

Downloads: 17, views: 614
Posted by RabidFurball
A master Thief comes at night! and is very sneaky!
0.83 kb.

Downloads: 2, views: 617
Garrett (fixed)Garrett (fixed)
Posted by erikswahn
the master thief from thief
1.58 kb.

Downloads: 13, views: 820
thief cloakthief cloak
Posted by daxdork
update of master thief
0.29 kb.

Downloads: 8, views: 536
The Purple ThiefThe Purple Thief
Posted by rhyo1
As a thief from the nether, he is a portal himself
0.48 kb.

Downloads: 10, views: 528
The Blue ThiefThe Blue Thief
Posted by rhyo1
Part of the thief club
0.6 kb.

Downloads: 5, views: 479
Posted by Thomas
wanna break out of jail use this thief
0.22 kb.

Downloads: 0, views: 511
punk thiefpunk thief
Posted by albus438
a cool looking thief im gunna use
0.97 kb.

Downloads: 4, views: 469
Thief a.k.a meThief a.k.a me
Posted by RangedSCOTT
me as a thief with demonic eyes
0.27 kb.

Downloads: 0, views: 403
Garrett the master thiefGarrett the master thief
Posted by erikswahn
from thief 1
1.52 kb.

Downloads: 5, views: 727
Thief Thief
Posted by Iraxt
Chinese inspired thief
0.29 kb.

Downloads: 3, views: 386
Posted by erikswahn
the master thief from thief 1-2-3
1.57 kb.

Downloads: 15, views: 674
My First = a ThiefMy First = a Thief
Posted by DeBoon
My first skin that i made... ITS a Thief !
0.25 kb.

Downloads: 11, views: 670
Posted by Wojtovix
The thief wich camo
0.82 kb.

Downloads: 1, views: 389
Posted by erikswahn
the master thief from thief
1.57 kb.

Downloads: 7, views: 720
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