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all credit to willderbeast459 skin

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Downloads: 2, views: 469.
all credit to willderbeast459 minecraft skin
Posted byaecitium
DescriptionEdited diamond-sworded villager
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diamond villagerdiamond villager
Posted by fatbobinjamaca
villager creeper/steve face
1.56 kb.

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Diamond ArmorDiamond Armor
Posted by Halo4life090
Originally by Markidak, I edited a Gold Version of that skin to make it diamond. :P
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I edited this from Red Riding Slime, I give full credit to it.
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Hunter\/Villager *Edit*Hunter\/Villager *Edit*
Posted by Herp Derp Derp
I added sword to back and fixed shirt. Credit to bexx328.
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mincraft villagermincraft villager
Posted by willderbeast459
diamond sword on the back
1.81 kb.

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Posted by c4yoboy
Its Epic! (Credit to someone i edited it >:3
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