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Master Chief skin

Downloads: 1, views: 399.
Master Chief minecraft skin
Posted byNub Cakes 55
DescriptionMaster Chief
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The Master Chief- John Spartan 117The Master Chief- John Spartan 117
Posted by flapjack97
During Cryo-Sleep, The Master Chief accidentally found his way into the Mine-Verse
2.63 kb.

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CE Master Chief (Twilight Sparkle)CE Master Chief (Twilight Sparkle)
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Another version of my Combat Evolved Master Chief skin model
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Master ChiefMaster Chief
Posted by ToxicPaste
The design is not mine, it used to be red but i changed it to green, just like Master Chief!
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Master ChiefMaster Chief
Posted by IHaveNoAnimation
Master Chief Petty Officer, SPARTAN John-117
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Master Chief likes to hunt creepers!Master Chief likes to hunt creepers!
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Master Chief Creeper Hunter
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Classy Master ChiefClassy Master Chief
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Master Chief meets James Bond
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