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Master Chief skin

Downloads: 0, views: 321.
Master Chief minecraft skin
Posted byDJSuperman
Descriptionfrom halo and my only one
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This is a skin that has Master Chief,the popular Halo star,wThis is a skin that has Master Chief,the popular Halo star,w
Posted by Kite94
Halo Armour combonation (Dud This is a skin that has Master Chief,the popular Halo star,with white armor instead of green,And with the E.O.D helmet.Have a good day playing with this skin!)
0.9 kb.

Downloads: 16, views: 1719
Halo 4 Master ChiefHalo 4 Master Chief
Posted by SelfDestruct217
A skin of Master Chief as he appears in Halo 4.
2.03 kb.

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Blue master chiefBlue master chief
Posted by Knight_dom
a ble version of master chief from halo 3
0.98 kb.

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Epic Master ChiefEpic Master Chief
Posted by dunderkaninen
Master Chief from The Halo trilogy
2.44 kb.

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Master ChiefMaster Chief
Posted by Venom077
Master Chief from Halo: Combat Evolved.
0.89 kb.

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Halo Master ChiefHalo Master Chief
Posted by itzmelogo
My variation, slightly modified from rubix-food's chief
0.62 kb.

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