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FreedomFighter (Rebel) (FIXED) skin

Downloads: 3, views: 1803.
FreedomFighter (Rebel) (FIXED) minecraft skin
Posted byDante (FPSBDante)
DescriptionSomeplaces Recolored for Goggle Strap and Filled in hole in the Back
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FreedomFighter (Rebel)FreedomFighter (Rebel)
Posted by Dante (FPSBDante)
My version of a FreedomFighter or Rebel
3.89 kb.

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Servbot (fixed)Servbot (fixed)
Posted by Bernsy
The cutest minons from Megaman legends and Tron Bonne (sorry I didn't notice the back of the head wasn't filled. But it's fixed)
1.82 kb.

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corset girl recolored recoloredcorset girl recolored recolored
Posted by dadoc
fixed some pet peeves of mine
3.11 kb.

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Gadget Guy FIXGadget Guy FIX
Posted by Squeezie007
I fixed the hole in the back of his head. =P
0.67 kb.

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Minecraft Miner (Fixed head)Minecraft Miner (Fixed head)
Posted by Jordan Power
I ahve now fixed teh hole that was in the back of my characters head XD
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boggle goggle.boggle goggle.
Posted by Djmatt100
The goggle man
0.31 kb.

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