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ROBOT! skin

Downloads: 4, views: 464.
ROBOT! minecraft skin
Posted byMe 1_2_30
Description A bit different from the others!
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Updated robot with wires!!!Updated robot with wires!!!
Posted by sheridan 111000111
I updated my robot. Added a LITTLE bit more symmetry
0.37 kb.

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Posted by Bit-N
Its the version robot from my other skin!
1.33 kb.

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B\/W RobotB\/W Robot
Posted by MagmaBlock
B \/ W FIXED- the first 1 was a bit buggy...
1.99 kb.

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8-Bit Megaman8-Bit Megaman
Posted by xXOmegaXisXx
hes a super fighting robot from the year 2010xx. nuff said :D
0.29 kb.

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Retro robotRetro robot
Posted by Musicbox
A skin which I made to replace zombie textures, and make minecraft a bit more fun!
0.75 kb.

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(I did fixt it a bit)(I did fixt it a bit)
Posted by Ericip
He have a pacman on hes skirt (fixed it a bit)
4.44 kb.

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