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Skins posted by mrlol18

Posted by mrlol18
inspired from assassin's creed
0.42 kb.

Downloads: 0, views: 641
Posted by mrlol18
he is a commando and stuff :\/
0.5 kb.

Downloads: 0, views: 506
Metro 2033 survivorMetro 2033 survivor
Posted by mrlol18
he used to be part of a russian spec ops
0.48 kb.

Downloads: 0, views: 469
Posted by mrlol18
he is paid to kill people... and bloody templars
0.95 kb.

Downloads: 4, views: 627
crusader recruit: templar packcrusader recruit: templar pack
Posted by mrlol18
he is the backbone of the templar army
0.87 kb.

Downloads: 5, views: 856
Posted by mrlol18
member of clergy: assassin pack
0.85 kb.

Downloads: 2, views: 545
assassin archerassassin archer
Posted by mrlol18
he is a crackerjack shot: assassin pack
0.88 kb.

Downloads: 11, views: 1306
arab merchantarab merchant
Posted by mrlol18
he travels around during the crusades
0.93 kb.

Downloads: 10, views: 566
Austin Powers Austin Powers
Posted by mrlol18
Swinging baby yea
0.27 kb.

Downloads: 1, views: 739
Hazmat suit manHazmat suit man
Posted by mrlol18
he protected from radiation
0.23 kb.

Downloads: 10, views: 806